fish to join the project so much, what brand of fish is good, Xiao Bian here to recommend Haikou sub state Jiang fish. Then the Haikou state’s sub fish which join conditions? Haikou ShangBang carpenter sub fish join? Sichuan classical domain, build handed delicious, to create wealth legend! Bang Jiang sub fish, Haikou is distinctive, taste, popularity, market fire, set off a new hot food consumption, has become a new investment choice! Haikou state’s sub fish stores, spicy fresh grilled fish, to bring you unlimited wealth, enjoy the wealth feast! Then Haikou state sub fish which join the carpenter? Here is a detailed introduction of its


What are the conditions to join

Haikou on sub state’s fish?

1, Haikou state’s sub fish franchisee entrepreneur entrepreneurial spirit, a strong desire to succeed, there is a certain economic strength and risk investment psychological quality.

2, who wants to join the state sub fish in Haikou, have to love the catering business, with team spirit.

3, with " brand first, integrity management " management philosophy. Haikou state’s sub fish franchisees with brand awareness, maintain brand image.

4, recognized by the Haikou state’s sub fish management mode, follow the maker of standardized management and join the sub fish code, abide by the state laws and regulations.

5, Haikou state’s sub fish franchisee required to hold valid ID card to join the formalities for headquarters establish tracking service files, authorization and open qualification certificates issued.

6, must be in accordance with the Haikou state’s sub fish unified headquarters require the use of "Carpenter son fish" visual image design, in line with the requirements of the headquarters of the store.

if you meet the above conditions, and joined the idea, please leave a message in our website, we will see later in the message will contact you at the first time.