company wants to obtain continuous development, we must continue to study the market changes, grasp the latest developments, many enterprises of the error feedback, for the development of the road shift, is very regrettable, so I want to study the market success, at least also need to meet the following five conditions.

1,   most people have the same problem

2,   you develop solutions can be effective, and can be used by the public

1, talk to the interview record

if you record customer interviews on their own, then how to explain the need to clear their own work, and how to respond to customer. In fact, you can use a VCR or a recording pen to record the entire interaction with the client. There are a number of free software, such as o , Transcribe, you can convert audio content into text, but you still need to spend time listening to and watching the interview, to ensure that there will be no omissions.

2, using the questionnaire

3,   don’t ask questions that are ambiguous in meaning

the so-called ambiguities, this might give you an example, such as "if at the time of the meeting with the mobile phone rang, how do you dislike?" This kind of problem will not be able to give a clear answer, so it is similar to the scene, you may ask, "if the phone rang at the meeting, you can accept, or not?" Further, you can ask, "if you have a cell phone ringing at the meeting, can you accept it or not?"