used to play in the eyes of the public is Mobile Games Wanwusangzhi performance, and with the increase of the pressure of life, more and more people are aware of the importance of the development potential of Mobile Games, Mobile Games market is quite amazing, this is not just a guy with a Mobile Games business to earn a lot of money.

2007, sophomore, he set up the Ming Yu software studio, engaged in software outsourcing development;

2011 years, graduated, Ming Yu software studio disbanded, he recruited to set up a new studio;

2012, resigned, led the team of college students in Nanjing to set up the company;

2014 in March, the establishment of small West network company;

2014 in June, the small West Network launched a multi million yuan financing plan and success;

2014 in August, the first month of water million yuan product was born;

2014 October, small West network into the two round of financing negotiations;

is expected in December 2014, the first monthly water ten million RMB products was born.


before graduation to find a business partner of

2007, Pan Weiguo was admitted to the river, the speciality of the computer, the first semester of sophomore year, with fellow Lu Hongming co founded the Jiang University Campus first studio – Ming Yu software studio, 00 have to do some small outsourcing projects. Junior, the team expanded to 8 people, including 3 graduate students, 5 undergraduate students from the school of computer science and communications professionals.

as male, Pan Weiguo is not a. He said that a college entrance examination in the tangle is still entrepreneurship. Two months later, he chose to start a business. Big semester, the first project is taking over the river, the site. Campus Management Committee, earning a life pot of gold 2000 yuan. After that, various types of projects outside the school, as long as it is profitable projects he has received.

2011 in March, graduated from 3 months. Pan Weiguo think, the future will certainly venture. Therefore, he recruiters, and give to the more than and 200 mentees special lectures, and from looking for business partners. The graduation season, most of the graduates go to major recruitment, he insisted every Saturday to recommend friends