with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, more and more families are driving a private car. Many young people love their own in their own car affixed stickers, to reflect their own unique personality. The car stickers have a large market demand, which contains Unlimited Business Opportunities.

2002 January, sun Minjin when a flower shop clerk. One day, Sun Min doing floats, heard the owner of a friend standing next to said: "so beautiful flowers can be printed to the car is good." The owner of a conversation with a friend that Sun Min had an idea: why don’t I try to draw in the car, let the car become more beautiful, more charming


back home to feel too violent, not suitable for girls, so his own painting of a beautiful young girl warrior pattern. After painting, Sun Min get in touch with the girls, girls just bought a small Buick, the front with this beautiful girl pattern, no better. But the girls insisted that her tanks, a see will get off on this business, it should be a sentence: do not be reactive with the East, like