said that although the start-up companies are facing a variety of competition is very intense, want to succeed or not, is indeed facing a lot of problems. However, if you can abide by the relevant rules, success can also be simplified. All in all, the greatest company seeks is never to win, but to live. True entrepreneur, is a lonely and long ancient path along the cliff. So how do startups survive in a competitive market? Entrepreneurship as battlefield. As the war is war, actually also has its own "a criterion".

1. do what others want

this is the motto of YC, 11 years later, have seen the start-up company of the more than 1 thousand, I know, we chose the right motto. If you don’t do what people want, what you do is meaningless. You can be the best spokesperson, the best fundraiser, the best programmer, but if you’re not building a product that meets the real needs, you’ll never succeed.

my advice to those who are still looking for an idea is to solve your own problem. So you know that there’s at least one person who really wants it. If and when you are part of the target market, you will have a market insight, otherwise you will not have.

but you have to get things done for yourself as soon as possible to do things for others. To know what they want, you have to understand them. Do they like the present product? If not, why not? Talk to your users as much as possible, even if it means that what you did earlier was not able to expand quickly. I don’t know if any startup company will feel that they spend too much time with their users.

has an open mind to adjust your ideas, as most good ideas evolve.

YC company, the most famous example of this evolution is Airbnb. They began to target the crowd to share the inflatable bed on the floor, and then share the inflatable bed but not limited to the meeting, and then share the actual bedroom, and then the whole house. The last step, believe it or not, is because Barry is going on tour. His drummer was an early Airbnb receptionist, and at that time, every house had a receptionist.

one day, he told Airbnb Barry to go on tour, can he leave his house during the rental? Airbnb really had to think about it. They were AirBedandBreakfast, not Airbnb, and the guests had breakfast. But in the end they say yes, and today this type of accommodation is Airb>