a lot of people have plans to start a business, but not many people can really start, on the one hand, because they can not find their own business opportunities, but also because there is no relevant experience. Xinjiang city from the beginning of this month, will be facing the employment requirements and aspirations of the residents of the free training of a total of 2 million 500 thousand yuan of entrepreneurship training vouchers issued free of charge in Urumqi. Gem training vouchers worth 750 yuan, eligible to apply for the conditions of the residents can receive free. Students can choose their own training institutions, and get a year of entrepreneurial tracking services.

in the background of entrepreneurship and innovation of the public, in September this year, Urumqi city was selected as the first batch of Xinjiang entrepreneurship training voucher pilot city. The construction of the Urumqi Municipal Bureau of human resources and social occupation ability of director Lv Tao said: "according to the legal working age, entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial needs of this part of the crowd, can go to the residence of the community, the city’s 9 entrepreneurship training institutions designated to receive. To bring personal identity card, residence and employment unemployment registration certificate as well as a basic information table."

Urumqi senior technical school and other 9 training institutions for the training of fixed-point institutions. Special occupation skill training school principal Liu Tianhai said, the issuance of training vouchers in the past the school to find students become students to choose the school, makes the training more targeted, entrepreneurial success rate higher: "people take on entrepreneurship training vouchers, according to their own strengths, for example, want to learn hairdressing or beauty, for to choose the school, select the project. We will be the best thing to teach him, to achieve the purpose of rapid business, employment."

entrepreneurship training is to be encouraged, not only in Urumqi, in the country should be more open. Lv Tao, the training of students after the end of a year of successful entrepreneurship, training institutions will also receive 500 yuan subsidy: "if the students within one year of business success, follow-up and 500 yuan training subsidies paid to training institutions. Urumqi city as the first pilot city, is to mobilize the city’s residents want to start a business, willing to venture, entrepreneurial awareness."