Huizhou in order to better implement innovation and entrepreneurship to promote economic development policy, continuous efforts, the reform of traditional industries, emerging industries flying speed is very fast. Innovation and entrepreneurship have speed and temperature, leading the province’s economic development better.

list of authority, no law can not be authorized for decentralization, results, a series of policies to help the development of…… This is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, Huizhou efforts". City leaders became a large backbone enterprise of "service" Zhuchaoyinfeng to provide services for the talents, build the whole industry chain of incubator system from the dimensions of time and space…… This is the care of innovation and entrepreneurship in Huizhou, Huizhou temperature".

"traditional industry through technical innovations to help achieve the" two leap ", let the modern new industries’ entrepreneurial wings.". Huizhou is to forge ahead with determination and confidence, unswervingly implement innovation driven development strategy, in order to better move toward higher quality level of the Pearl River Delta into the second echelon of the target." Municipal Science and Technology Bureau official said.

"Huizhou speed" to stimulate the development of new energy

"machine substitution for traditional industries qiangjinjiangu

If technological transformation 100 million amount to 10 yuan depreciation, then a year increase in the cost of 10 million yuan, and 600 people a year salary cost at least 40 million yuan. In other words, the average annual net profit of at least 30 million yuan a year." Sheng Hong Technology (Huizhou) Limited by Share Ltd responsible person said.

Acer wins just Huizhou science and technology industrial technology, machine substitutions of a miniature

in the area of Dongjiang Zhongkai High-tech Industrial Park Guangdong Yili Dairy Co., Ltd., a "manipulator palletizing robot", the work efficiency is equivalent to 6 of the recommended