there are all kinds of unfairness in the world, if we just complain, then our life will be more bleak. Compared to us, the protagonist is the real life, she did not complain about social injustice, not because of difficulties in themselves, but the difficulties of creating their own business.

mentioned Jiangfeng forest, many people have commented her, "Mr. Jiang is really a great person." Jiang Fenglin’s entrepreneurial journey, she had to start with an accident at the age of 12. It was 1990, the mother of Jiang Fenglin going to the rice mill, but the body can not pick burden. At that time, 12 year old Jiang Fenglin very sensible to help his mother picked up the rice.

things in place, Jiang Fenglin was in a real rice play, accidentally fell on the ground, climb up hands accidentally grip in the high-voltage line…… After the hospital rescue, although saved his life, but had to do amputation surgery. Since then, when the year nobile became the armless girl Lin yan.

returned after Jiang Fenglin became wordless, afraid to go out, also suspended the school. She can’t have the happiness of childhood, the only thing she can do is stay at home. Encouraged by their loved ones, Lin began to accompany her mother to go out to buy food. At first, people often looked at her with different eyes and made fun of her. For a long time, Jiang Fenglin no longer afraid, slowly began to go out alone. Study hard, eager to get knowledge because of the loss of his arms, Jiang Fenglin was suspended.

. Jiang Fenglin learned that the story of the sisters, the school removed her tuition, then taught in the lake division of the Huang Ruiyun gave her a lot of help. He often invited me to visit, to bring me the book "  Yan Lin recalled," this life, in addition to thank my family, would also like to thank the teachers who taught me the knowledge." Rough business, dug the first pot of gold in 2001, just graduated she prepared to graduate, because many arms disability was kept out of school. So she went out to look for a job. "A lot of units, ate cold-shoulder treatment." Jiang Fenglin said.