we know that entrepreneurship is not easy, but we can reduce the risk of lower. If you want to start a business, you must first learn to listen, because listening can let you find a lot of problems, in addition, but also to master some of the ways to solve the problem, the following are some suggestions for novice entrepreneurs.

1.  novice entrepreneurs to learn to listen to

although sometimes pretend listening skills is very practical, for example to each other but nod, your mind has already moved to a thousand miles away. But listening is a very important skill for entrepreneurs, you need to learn to pay attention to the problems and the needs of all the people around them.

The ability of

2.  find solutions

but one thing to note is that, unless you make sure really care about your opinion, or do not rush to give way, or it may not only bring you love, you will feel "officious". Many times, we will always be too enthusiastic, and ignore the real needs of the other party, maybe I just want to take you as a Tucao object, does not mean to you for advice.

3.  start with