novice how to open pet shop? What do you need to do? Now many people keep pets, the market prospects are very good. If you want to open their own shop, then need to go through what steps? A lot of novice on this issue is still in doubt, if you are interested, you can look at the small series together.

specific bid procedures:

the registration of individual industrial and commercial households, in addition to I have the ability to operate with the appropriate conditions, should also provide the following proof to the local business application form for business license.

1, ID: 2 copies of ID cards, one inch photo 5;

2, state of occupation that (unemployed, retired and resigned);

3, business premises: rental housing rental agreement should be provided.

. get a tax registration certificate for the invoice, the invoice application is divided into 2 kinds: (1) according to the tax, the monthly turnover is whether or not a month to pay the same tax; (2) according to the invoice amount per month according to the tax rate. The whole process is probably about 500 yuan, the time is about 15-30 days, slightly different.

the basic certificate for the completion of the operators by manual labor to the local labor security services for the informal employment service agencies enjoy tax exemption for 3 years, business loans and assistance policies.

to open the project containing the pet hospital pet shop, to the local animal husbandry and Veterinary Bureau to apply for "animal medical license", the application materials include: