why so popular in the China steak, a small series of opinion that these points: First: Delicious; second: eat cool (as a piece of meat, red meat) meet consumer demand; third: still good. The demand is big, cause the beefsteak market to be more and more big, the beefsteak shop’s management form is also in the unceasing innovation, the beefsteak cup is one of the new situation which the beefsteak shop manages. The beef market is in hot period, the number of stores is the steak cup grow with each passing day, for investors, the choice of steak cup stores can let you store steak in many talent shows itself, the consumer market is opened, low investment, high income returns.

steak house is so hot, because it has the following advantages:

a fun and good sell

cup the vegetables, steak, steak, fried chicken, potato snacks and drinks together, will eat, drink collocation, every bite is a wonderful enjoyment, delicious, fun and easy to sell, there is this huge market potential.

two, a huge consumer groups

dating, shopping, chatting, watching movies and other leisure time, steak cup to carry convenient, delicious, not only by the young people’s favorite, even the elderly and children are also very love.

three, the company’s entire store output management

company’s entire store output, unified management, the successful experience can be used to learn from the new store management, management technology is mature, investors can invest without experience. And the survival rate is high in the market, the gross profit margin objective. Be able to truly small investment, operating income, good reputation, high cost, high income is the door to open the road to success.

four, its flexible mode of operation

steak cup store size, store location is more flexible, can choose a larger place for business, can also choose Jane small, applicable to the two or three operating convenience store; location can be in the vicinity of the cinema, shopping malls, supermarkets, pedestrian street, city features delicacy leisure, entertainment, also can be in specialty stores all kinds of theme shops, stalls, shops, boutique shop etc., is a good place to shop location.

five, with a new business model

all the products in the store, not only in the store to enjoy, but also can take home with their families, children close relatives, love to share delicious. More attractive is that the steak cup can be combined with other kinds of snacks, takeaway platform to jointly promote the local snacks, >