always has some examples of the legendary entrepreneur in the modern life, some pioneering example of this is to let a lot of people are feeling, this one business people will say next is very cow, let’s look at it together.

because ownership is highly concentrated, blue Synopsys jumped into the eye is not only an investor from listed companies, and the market are the female head of story, but the legend into the climax stage.

data show that the shares of blue Synopsys listed on the first day of the issue price of 22.99 yuan / share soared to 33.11 yuan, and 8 consecutive trading days out of a word limit yesterday, the stock price has reached 70.98 yuan / share, the company chairman Zhou Qunfei hands held 592 million of the market value of up to 42 billion 20 million yuan. According to the latest released in March this year, the 2015 Forbes global rich list, the mainland’s richest woman Chinese engaged in the real estate industry, from Fu International Chen Lihua, the net asset value of $6 billion 100 million (according to today’s exchange rate is equivalent to 37 billion 861 million yuan). This means that the mainland’s richest woman Chinese has changed hands in the week.

not to let goBlue Synopsys Comrades go

"ah, today’s trading volume accounted for only 0.5% of outstanding shares, also can go a few" one "word limit board." Mr. Zhang (a pseudonym) in the month playing blue Synopsys 500 weeks after the new shares, the stock because it has great potential, continue to want to buy guadan. "We are all cherish stocks such as gold, do not buy. Although the volume slowly, but still firm holdings, because good votes rare." Zhang told reporters.