we all know, before joining the brand, is to conduct market research. However, some people do not understand this, they investigate the market when the random investigation, which is very bad. We want to invest in bathroom brands, we must learn to investigate the market. So, how to join the bathroom brand market research?

first, the analysis of the results of the flow of people. Indeed, the flow of people is an important factor in stores, but understand the passenger consumption target, if here to open nearly million square meters of large department store, it is certainly not, should make a decision after the predicted effective passenger flow is expected to buy quantity.


, for the analysis of the competition in the face of these from the aspects of market competition, as a market invader should have enough preparation, reasonable and accurate calculation of the remaining market share, in order to establish their own position in business stores.

III, geographical location. In the customer shopping because the convenience store address always choose the reason, so when identify competitors, to determine the correct values in the customer’s habitual routes, occupy a favorable position, ready for the success of the store.

fourth, cost accounting. Chain store cost accounting believe I do not have to say. But one thing should be paid attention to: the success of chain stores is to use the marginal benefit of economies of scale, can save a considerable amount of expenses, such as two stores can share a store, distribution of goods more convenient etc..

before the market survey, we have a program. You can look at other people’s practices, combined with their actual situation. A mature program can save you a lot of time. We have to learn market research, in-depth investigation, to bring a lot of their own market information, so that the development of more stable store!