many housewives want to use some spare time to earn money, of course, the cost is not too big, or a low risk, low threshold for entrepreneurial projects, there is such a housewife do, let Xiaobian to introduce you how she dreams.

with the excited entrepreneurial dream, Ms. sun came to the headquarters in Shanghai, after an examination to determine the cooperation. Began preparations for the roast pig’s trotters store opened matters from the headquarters after going back. Headquarters provided from the pre store location investigation, the surrounding market research, the drawing of the decoration drawings, planning activities, such as the opening of a full range of nanny shop service. There is provided a series of support headquarters, Ms. sun baked the shoe store opened pig’s trotters very hot, the opening day turnover reached 10000 yuan, after the daily turnover has been stable at 8000 yuan.

now Ms. sun is no longer a simple housewife, also have a fixed income, and make their dreams come true, as a housewife you are recommended