what is happiness, we all know, then, what is the happiness management of enterprises? What problems should be paid attention to? Let us start from a small place, starting from a small, together to explore!

A moment in your

, thinking about this question: how to make high efficiency, allowing wages to rise?

The core of this problem is to solve the

two, you know the advantage and ability of each employee? How to let their passion to play?

According to the famous

by extension, this problem is a challenge for every department, such as the human resources department, you create the talent selection, education, stay with a mechanism? Does the employee’s career development plan? For example, the production department, quality management department, design and development department or other relevant departments, the arrangement of the staff is reasonable? How to improve the competency of each post? Do we have a good incentive to innovate?……

three, the figure put a low point, and then mildly humorous statement, please?