to Nanjing entrepreneurship has a very good, very many outstanding entrepreneurial projects, so many customers benefit, to achieve the entrepreneurial dream! Nanjing is a very good entrepreneurial city, with entrepreneurial atmosphere, has a new situation, I believe can help more people round entrepreneurial dream!

"off the record and the angel" entrepreneurial innovation Exchange yesterday in Zijin (Jiangning) technology start-ups in particular community held, co-founder of New Oriental, real angel founder Xu Xiaoping, former senior vice president of Vanke Group, Hugo workshop founder Mao Daqing two big coffee spot on entrepreneurship and innovation entrepreneurship.

site in yesterday’s exchange, a college student was asked: "how to choose entrepreneurship? How to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship?" In this regard, Xu Xiaoping reminder, everyone in the business, they have to ask themselves 3 questions: I am good at what? What do I like? What I most fascinated?" He said that a college student in the school, we must cultivate the love and passion for something, and ultimately will be transformed into a useful service to others. This is essential to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

on incubator: find the angel investment, entrepreneurship should become the core services of