In order to solve the problem of weak

Chinese economic development, our country launched the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" entrepreneurial activities, to fully stimulate economic vitality. Heilongjiang Jixi launched 25 policy, explore the "coal city" the road of entrepreneurship.

2014 years, Jixi city will be the national entrepreneurship as "coal city" transformation of key work problems and the protection of people’s livelihood, including the introduction of market access, tax relief, financial support and other 25 policy, increase a foundation and small loans, the establishment of a more comprehensive business support policy system, initially built up financing docking project release, business incubator, business training and other functions of the 4 platform.

winter Linhaixueyuan, hanqixiren, Jidong County Rural Credit Cooperatives office area is as warm as in spring, the confidence of entrepreneurs, are busy completing the venture fund application, review, approval, 30 thousand yuan venture fund to receive national entrepreneurs, to each.

"with the Employment Bureau free guarantee this 30 thousand interest free loans, I intend to put your mobile phone stores to expand the scale of a few times, recruit more employees, also provide more employment opportunities." Jidong County town of young entrepreneurs in the history of the Ming Dynasty took just get the venture capital fund said the Jidong.

in order to form a cohesive force, enlarge the support effect, this year in Jixi city and the establishment of the national venture alliance. Composed of corporate Jixi City 45 people business unit leadership, leadership team of 18 entrepreneurial organizations and 100 entrepreneurs through the typical "helpwithquot" than the school, rush in the local once again set off a business boom.