sell sanitary napkins this is nothing strange, this is the women who need supplies, as long as there is a market, naturally can operate. However, the men to sell, it is strange, and this man is still a college boy, which can make a lot of people surprised, and the hero of the story is Wang Xuanxuan.

Wang is an ordinary "95 after" big boy, he attended Yangzhou Polytechnic Institute. However, the architectural science man has done something that all teachers and students be startled at things, he was still in college, he started a sanitary napkin business, more surprisingly, the boy’s business was very successful, the monthly income of over a million. Even his classmates called him "aunt".

life entrepreneurship is more than

Wang Xuanxuan was in Xuzhou, he told reporters, "my family a lot of people are doing the sanitary napkin business," Wang Xuanxuan’s uncle and aunt sanitary napkins do business in Beijing, his aunt to do business in the Changsha, Wang Xuanxuan affected his family, you want to become a "aunt brother". By 2014, Wang Xuanxuan was admitted to Yangzhou Polytechnic Institute to study the construction engineering technology. Big semester, he started the business, I want to do in Yangzhou."

, a green hand of frustration

newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, said dry, Wang Xuanxuan took 28100 yuan a breath of goods. After taking the goods is wholesale and retail, I run in Yangzhou." In order to be able to promote the sale of sanitary napkins, Wang Xuanxuan riding a bike with two boxes of goods, began his first step in entrepreneurship. However, things are not so simple, first go to a mother and child shop, the other said there are micro providers, I refused to." Wang Xuanxuan’s first attempt failed.

does not hit the south wall does not look back, despite the failure of the first, but in the next two months, Wang Xuanxuan, or for their own efforts. Yangzhou city is full of his footprints everywhere, health clubs, beauty salons have been, are rejected, a single business did not talk about two months."

Heaven helps those who help themselves., "aunt brother" finally opened

series of failures don’t blow to Wang Xuanxuan, good people, days, in third months, the sanitary napkin business Wang Xuanxuan finally opened, "it was in 2015 May, not far away from our school a drugstore, the boss took four boxes of sanitary napkins, Wang Xuanxuan taste the sweet victory, each box of sanitary napkins, he earned 170 yuan.

in September 8, 2015, Wang Xuanxuan from the street peddler became an official agent, he will also be replaced by electric bicycle recommended