food and beverage industry is divided into many small sections, each belonging to the catering project is a big market, if you want to enter the catering industry, for consumers to choose the project so as to have a foundation to go on long-term development, from which aspects of the survey project, which point to understand? Xiaobian summed up some experience, you can read down analysis small selection of

shop catering to join the project!

investment in food stores before investors to brand market survey, to understand what is the needs of consumers? What delicacy items are more likely to arouse their attention, choose the right direction, it is good to choose the suitable project, to fully grasp the relevant information. For example, the market prospects of the project? How profitable? How much money to invest? The degree of competition? Entrepreneurs can get some information through the alliance, or to join the headquarters to obtain information.

have to see the difference, therefore the operator must inspect catering to join in several projects, in the process of goods than the three in the focus of attention of entrepreneurs, not the level of total investment, but many shops catering to join the high probability of commercial success, then the on-the-spot investigation, entrepreneurs should calm analysis. Join the mode and conditions of the franchisee are generally similar, but it is the "small differences", such as the price of gold to join the headquarters of payment, delivery, may affect the operating profit after joining.

now many brands are similar, but the difference is, generally speaking, a good brand will have a perfect customer service to join the service, these services include the shop site inspection, decoration guide to guide policy after its opening the specific operating a full range of planning. And with these services will be able to allow investors to join a new generation of people who do not understand what the industry leader.

we must explore the catering services for investors in the franchise brand is responsible, down-to-earth, investors signed a preliminary agreement, the franchisee will generally provide a series of training courses before opening. The training courses are often targeted at the problems encountered by entrepreneurs, to teach the solution, in addition, may also be taught to join some of the project related industry knowledge, so entrepreneurs should be taken seriously.

do not know small series of statements and your idea is not the same? The above points is small as we bring in food stores, or pay more attention to the good, we must try to choose those brand scale strength, market prospects, do not seek immediate small profit, blindly to join, we also believe that through this method and some join rules, inevitable in many projects for a suitable


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