speaking of collagen, beauty of the girls will not be unfamiliar, but it is important to maintain the appearance of beauty. Since collagen powerful and special beauty skin care effect is more and more women recognized, the miracle of the skin care effect so many women greatly praised. So, a collagen into female reply youth salvation.

but the beauty market has always been some small vendors see the dragons and fishes jumbled together, collagen have magical effect, copycat, a time many unknown, out of order of the manufacturers are beginning to peddle collagen products. Some manufacturers even boasted of products, their products advertised on inferior quality products, so many advertising will undoubtedly cause a lot as if it were raining flowers to want to buy many selective problem collagen products of women. To allow consumers to buy high-quality collagen, we selected the 2016 product quality and safety, brand reputation in the absolute leading position of the collagen ten brands list, in order to make a better reference to the public’s choice.

collagen ten brands list selection criteria are as follows:

, brand enterprise is a big company or leading enterprise.

II, the brand won the national / international honorary award, a good brand image.

, the brand has R & D center or postdoctoral workstation, technical assurance.

, the brand enterprises have strict quality control procedures, product quality high security.

note: ranking, data from the relevant state departments, market research data, the internet.

collagen ten brands list:

collagen ten brands list NO.1: de Lise Con of Germany (dlishka)


brand position, pougny according to international authoritative testing agency inspection report the safety, only domestic CMA certificate of collagen. II, was born in Germany, is a German food health and beauty skin care brand, the direct to outstanding "anti-aging" and "beauty" is known, all products are made of natural formula, the hydroxyproline content of up to 12.8%, the highest of similar products; 2012, 2013, ten in 2014, ranking the top brand of collagen.

collagen ten brands list NO.2: Japan FANCL


brand position, the founder of the concept of the Japanese, add the very size of the skin care and health food brand, has the world advanced "FAN> Yokohama