orange kind of fruit, I believe many people are very fond of, but for the general customers, will hesitate to choose what kind of oranges, but did not think that some day in the future, oranges can also become their own rich products. In this article, the horse is good to use WeChat to sell oranges, but also won a great success oh.

from the fashion designer into a little girl selling oranges

Ma was born in Zhuzhou, but because of the reasons for their parents work in Changsha, Wuhan, Shanghai and other places of life. In her own words, is "wandering".

Ma Guaixue is fashion design, after graduating from college, one of their clothing studio. "Because from an early age to develop a forthright character, so the design of the clothing is a little exaggerated, there is a" world wind "." So, friends call for "good horse caravan master".

in November last year, a chance to see a group of horses good data: with the popularity of smart phones, 99% of smartphone users use WeChat. Love "or" good horse, began to think this is a big market.

was at the time of November, the production of orange season, born to eat orange horse good, simply put the business goal for the sale of orange.

she joked, "maybe my name" good ", with weird" strange "to describe more appropriate."

Please enter the orchard

customer representative sample

what kind of orange is good? Who likes oranges? How to sell oranges?

has never done a good horse business, from the beginning to face a variety of tests. Fortunately, Ma Guaiyou years of wandering experience, make friends everywhere, "recommended by a friend, we taste the famous oranges all over the country." Finally, the choice of Chenzhou Yongxing orange. Ma said: "it is good enough moisture, Qin, sweet and refreshing, tastes the feeling of first love."

"but to find a suitable orchard, long-term cooperation, order, sold to trust our customers, but also field visits." Considering the different groups, eating habits, tastes are not the same, the horse well behaved and 3 partners, invited representatives of various customer groups together into the orchard, pick oranges to eat. "Especially in the male population, due to Penang chewing by Lang, would love to eat oranges, so be sure to choose a special delicious, tasty varieties." To this end, Ma also invited a good friend of areca has many years of chewing history, try to eat together.

, a good horse contracted Yongxing orchard every day according to customer orders, fresh orange orchard farmer recommended by day off