No matter how to change in the

era, people will never change the delicacy to Hot pot is a lot of us love the delicacy, Hot pot is very common in everyone’s life, especially after recent years of development, has now brought the more vast market. Venture to open a hot pot restaurant, presumably also very profitable, hot market, will attract more consumers to earn more profits. Today, we take a look at what you can do to open a hot pot restaurant business can make money.

in the purchase of hot pot shop hardware, do not be afraid of wasting money, we must choose safe, reliable! Open the shop for the purchase of hardware Hot pot is very exquisite, such as plate, electromagnetic oven what ah, so before investment must fix these hardware equipment procurement plan, because it is quite a large investment Hot pot shop pen (about 35% of the total investment of about). The maintenance and fire assessment considering the day after, recommend the use of the electromagnetic oven, although the initial investment is large, but omits many late very troublesome thing.

hot pot by the consumer favorite, with its convenient, fast, delicious and cheap inseparable! Open a hot pot restaurant, fresh dishes to be fresh! Open shop Hot pot include meat and vegetables, vegetables can be basically solved, but the meat is a very troublesome thing, it is best to find a reliable and stable supplier.

open a hot pot restaurant, how many employees should be hired? Personnel should be how to configure? Open the shop Hot pot includes a waiter, chef (the deployment of base material), logistics (dishes), handyman cashier, lobby manager, reception service. The average number of attendants required, usually 10 square arrangements for a person.

Health and personnel

Houchu arrangements can not be ignored! It is very important to open a hot pot restaurant, which is directly related to the quality of the dishes and the overall impression of the store. The kitchen is one of the most important link in the catering, exchange advice and those engaged in the master.

want to engage in the catering industry business, the choice of a good project is very important, an industry Hot pot is also very good, do poineering work Hot pot shop, we must first choose a unique brand to join in the late Hot pot, then, to manage and operate, can bring better returns. Especially there is no experience of a friend in the business, when should pay attention to many problems, with each step.

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