how to develop their own business in the harsh economic environment, so that their business is not affected, each owner will naturally have their own ideas and practices. And Gan Ruizhong had also encountered such a problem, and now not only solved, and business is booming. "Zhu manager, I am not limited to the limit of this month, you can help me to mention a little limited?" October 21st, Jinjiang retail customers Gan Ruizhong eagerly asked.

but just a few months ago, due to the economic downturn large environmental impact, Gan Ruizhong shop business is also difficult to pick up, the loss of consumers, declining profit level, let the store to make ends meet, do not go to support, have turned to, what is to let customers have so much change in such a short time? Visit the client manager, the owner Gan Ruizhong described his own business — "multi operation" + "marketing skills".

The original

, the boss of the shop is located in Gan Chen Tai Huating, the shop around the main consumer groups for workers nearby and bank staff, around a few hundred meters without breakfast shop, consumers often complained to the owner, the morning to eat hot breakfast are not, so the owner had to switch to open the idea of fast food shops.

9 month, customers in the shop in front of the paste noodles stalls, breakfast is provided around the consumer, at breakfast time, consumers in the purchase of goods such as cigarettes by the store, for a period of time down, Gan boss found their own cigarettes, drinks and other merchandise sales have doubled in September profit 3000 yuan.


was inspired, in their own business and add a pen, often ask what consumers need, immediately replenishment, diversified to meet the different needs of consumers, but also led to the owner of the cigarette cigarette sales, turnover and profit increase, but also greatly boosted retail sales confidence and dependence.

although the business can not do too miscellaneous, what also requires a word, however, in the current retail market, diversified business is also a good strategy. So, if you are also a shopkeeper, Gan Ruizhong’s practice will be to your shop operators have inspired it?