clothing store should be a lot of very want to try the investment options, but it is not so easy. But some people just can turn it into a legend, Liang Yihua and fellow 2 buddy, together in the online open a trade shop, as long as the operation of children, but their shop is very unique.

for 100 thousand yuan of funds into the trade shop, Liang Yihua said these are their partner university part-time, business income. "Before starting an trade shop, I have been acting Huitong driving school at the Huizhou University at Urbana Champaign, the University for four years in my spare time, all kinds of part-time jobs, I have almost done, the money has become the capital of foreign trade shops." Liang Yihua said he likes the freedom of life, like to challenge themselves, these are his entrepreneurial motivation.

The turnover of

20 was once sunghun advancements is Shenzhen University sophomore, is a native of Huizhou. In April this year, he and three other partners, and employ more than a dozen staff, the use of WeChat, the successful operation of the Huizhou University is now the most popular WeChat fast food restaurant, the daily turnover of up to 6900 yuan.

"I was born in the family business, do not have much interest in academic, political and education. For me, the second venture, not recommended