hotel to join the project to store design requirements more and more high, people want to be a better environment to the store to the consumer, so the franchisees need starting from consumer demand, to do a good job in the lobby design work with its own characteristics, for consumers to find everything fresh and new feeling, to attract more people into the store.

, the lobby design needs to show the theme of the hotel culture

hotel lobby design first of all to show the theme of entrepreneurs to open the hotel culture. A good hotel lobby must have its own cultural connotation, spiritual temperament, so that the space is full of soul and vitality, interior design is to give the hotel lobby space endowed with this cultural characteristics of the process.

two, lobby design should create a special space visual environment

hotel lobby is the first impression to the consumer place, should reflect the magnificent, elegant and unique atmosphere in space, then designed according to their hotel specifications.

three, lobby design should be based on the practical starting point

Design of

hotel lobby must pay attention to practical, can organize planning visual guide, the hotel lobby is the main space of consumers, through the diversion, therefore in the handling of space to consider the visual guidance function, through the temporal relations of oriented shape and lines, the continuous pattern and color decoration design to scientific and reasonable organization space, make the space trend line is clear, with continuous, gradual change, turning and extending the function of orientation; avoid spatial temporal clutter, the normal activity of the convenience of consumers.

Hotel franchisees need to be familiar with all aspects of lobby design, to understand the characteristics of their own brand and consumer psychological needs. If you master these cases are clear, then the business will naturally be very worry. Do the above design suggestions help you? Come and learn.

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