knows that any one shop, the cost of developing a new customer is far more than the cost of retaining repeat customers. Therefore, if a store wants to make a big business with less cost, it is natural to keep more repeat customers. What is repeat customers? For the first time, customers feel good, the second time to take the initiative to consume, such customers are called repeat customers. For the retail industry, repeat customers are the most important customer resources. So, how to retain repeat customers? Below, the author will talk about several aspects of the need to pay attention to a few simple details from the customer.

first, courtesy. To improve the management level and gain more profits, the retail store needs to improve the customer satisfaction. But how to improve customer satisfaction? Some retailers to learn marketing knowledge, careful analysis of the market, but often neglect the most important courtesy, forget the most simple alike. Every customer into the store, whether rich or poor, regardless of rank, purchase amount, should be with due respect because it is two-way, and you respect the customer a ruler, customers may also give you a husband.

for those difficult to "serve", love customer bargain, should also be treated as the same, bargain, bargain is customer rights, so we should respect the customer’s bargain. Only courteous, equal, fair trade, customers will feel your trading fair and reasonable, and more love to you to the consumer, will become inevitable repeat.

second, offers. Smart retailers often use petty, so as to make new customers become repeat customers, old customers often visit. But there is a great discount inside, is very particular about. For example, if the retailer give a fraction, only a fraction of, can not get rid of the integer, or removing too many customers will have doubts, but misunderstanding. Of course, the number of concessions generally have to be based on the price of the sale of goods or operating profit to determine, as appropriate, must not be too much.

allows customers to get a lot of preferential ways, such as: giving small gifts, sometimes, free gifts to customers, customers will be good to you, the next time you will come to the store consumption. Another example: when the customer bought a product will go, retailers can give extra cheap, quality and practical small items, so that customers feel advantage, to produce a pleasant mood, next time will visit review.

third, service. For the retail industry, service is an eternal topic. Only to provide customers with quality service, in order to win customer patronage. In fact, the business is operating in the hearts of customers, take them as their friends, relatives, heart to heart, become a "harmony" of the community and customers, to win the "God" in the heart, to achieve a "win-win" situation.