has a lot of business elite have the habit of reading, they not only insist on reading during the working day, on vacation will pick up a book to read. So what kind of book do entrepreneurs usually read on vacation? Here are five business leaders recommended by the five non-commercial books, look at it.

"The good news is:

; from  the  Bright  Side)

recommended: political strategist Carle rove (· Karl  Rove)

in 2008, rove and President George Bush (· W· George  W.  Bush) challenge, who in this year to read the most books. He won, but the difference was not great Now, on twitter the Republican chiefs (Twitter) in the newsletter, full of all the books he. This summer, he recommended Bush’s former press secretary, Perino, a newly published memoir. "Dana offers invaluable advice on life and work." Rove told fortune magazine. Perino also wrote that his colleagues at the White House were "amiable and approachable."

Author: Joe · Warrick (Joe  Warwick)

recommended: JP Morgan Asset Management Co (J.P.  Morgan  Asset  Management)