? With the full arrival of the era of e-commerce, changed people’s way of life, love shopping homes will be able to buy goods so that consumers feel the convenience, then investors why not open the Taobao shop to accomplish their own dreams of wealth?

to publicize his home in Zhejiang city of Ling’an Province, pecan, Zhejiang and Anhui farmers city merchants who has recently been busy doing one thing: open shop. Most of the cattle to the number of Ling’an tycoon food limited company, they hired a large number of forestry college students, in late September 2009 to October more than and 20 days, out of the more than and 70 Taobao shops.


? A Taobao shop can make an ordinary people get rich this is not much of a secret, now the real case placed in front of you, whether the choice of investment depends on your choice!