biography is also a topic of concern to the community, a lot of people who have a great interest in entrepreneurship, then today’s society, the most concerned about the entrepreneurial industry is what?

on independent innovation of high-tech manufacturing, Mr. Jin believes that investment in innovation is most concerned about those who have independent intellectual property rights, high threshold, substitution effect is obvious and the market prospect is broad, industrial upgrading demand, at the same time for the two domestic and international markets, economic cycle and economic environment influence, small fluctuation of fast development the company. Focus on information technology, equipment manufacturing, life science, new energy, environmental protection, new materials, etc..

in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, those advocating the transformation, transformation of original resolute attitude, solid foundation for the transformation of industry form is more susceptible to innovation investment focus.

As for

in new energy and environmental protection industry, innovation investment focus on those companies focus on the trend of energy saving and alternative and supplementary products.