crab soup presumably as the chowhound you will not be unfamiliar, so delicious food how can you miss, of course delicious food can have a long life, so is the crab soup, it now has a history of several hundred years, with the improvement of the level of economic development, so the delicacy is also very popular with consumers, there are various different brands on the market, then the crab soup what brand stores? Xiaobian below to summarize.

crab soup brand recommended

robes crab soup

it is a traditional food in Nanjing, Ming and Qing dynasties have enjoyed high reputation. Its characteristics are as thin as paper, blowing shells that break, the production of " " " " " ". The raw material for making robes crab soup is very exquisite, stuffing crab and crab meat, soup flavor soup, craft exquisite beyond compare. Liuhe District of Nanjing city held the annual festival grand robes crab Tang Bao, chicago. The crab soup with crab crab, crab mother, fresh pork, chicken soup to a variety of spices made of fillings, and wrapper made. This product is thin filling large, thick soup, delicious taste and delicacy by the majority of fans.

Chen Yangxie Tang Bao

Qidong Yang Yang Catering Management Co., Ltd. is a professional food technology development, hotel management, fashion restaurant chain management as one of the food and beverage management enterprises.

the company in innovation, green health concept, Chen Yangxie Tang Bao launched special fashion catering chain, the product is according to the Millennium traditional and ancestral secret recipe combined with new technology developed, because of its thin skin, stuffing, Tang Nong, Gumi Jung, men and women ages delicious cultivation, etc., since its inception, won the public recognition and love.

Ding Xuan and crab Tang Bao Museum

Shanghai Yuxi g Catering Management Co. Ltd. was founded in 2013, in order to steadily develop the national market development model of business entities and franchise enterprise group. Our team all of the well-known catering enterprises, such as: their dumplings, Chang Sheng old robes crab soup and so on. Company uphold the sharing of resources, good faith cooperation, innovation, create wealth, the idea for the customer to create a better future wealth.

‘s characteristics of Chinese traditional culture brand "Ding Xuan and crab Tang Bao Museum" in Shanghai has been rated as brand-name products, enjoy a high reputation. Is a company based in Shanghai, expand overseas and the national market, is committed to the development of Chinese and Western fast food brands of food and beverage management company, has won the Shanghai catering industry civilized units, Shanghai