now, a lot of female friends also embarked on the road to get rich, but the most profitable business women do? Lingerie shop, of course. But want to find a good underwear brand, to do what the shop before the preparatory work? Let’s take a look at it.



, market prospect

investment analysis

open this store, location should be chosen in a modern atmosphere area (city or district commercial building, occupation women and young women patronize the business area) is the ideal shop. Store does not need a lot of 10 square meters can be. The funds required to open a shop can be 30000-50000 yuan, the funds are mainly used for rental stores, interior decoration, procurement of underwear, working capital, as well as the cost of processing, etc.. What kind of woman to open the store to make money to open this store, gross margin will generally be more than 30%. If you can minimize the loss of procurement, commodity composition and customer needs, coupled with good location, reasonable operation, gross profit margin can rise to 40%, or even   50%.

business advice