on the tongue of the Chinese documentary Chinese food culture to the world, where we know that no matter what kind of food, can highlight the food culture of our country. The Chinese diet to the world is not a luxury feast, often in people’s daily life diet.

"for us foreigners, a Chinese things Chinese delicacy always makes us yearn for the United States," the former Losangeles City Commissioner Elgar · concierge Ms. SHARP in 20 days; the Consulate General in Losangeles held a China Shanxi delicacy culture exhibition activities said, "today is the Shanxi pasta, let me really excited!"

in Losangeles, where there is no shortage of Chinese cuisine, authentic Shanxi restaurants are relatively rare, as Shanxi is relatively less in the impression of the United states. Li Zhisheng, deputy director of the Shanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, told Xinhua News Agency reporters: Shanxi’s going out pace is relatively slow, but the food is a good entry point."

hot Sliced noodles pan, leaf webbing thin, outside the entrance of smooth muscle. However, people can not take care of the bowl of food, have to go to a big balloon. When the representative of Shanxi in the face blowing balloons with a brush to write "China" welcome to Shanxi, the 1.8 meter diameter balloon surface has not only the Shanxi face art master Wang Zhanglong held the Guinness world record, has become a stunning foreign guests of the Shanxi name card.

Sliced noodles, wheelbarrow head hoop stilts surface, scissors, Changzhi cake, Guan Gong has a long face, cutting, in the facet of Super Dragon Hand-Pulled Noodle balloon…… Shanxi faces a number of master of arts skills on the day of the exhibition for the presence of foreign guests "scared out of his chin". In rural Shanxi, put a long face to the old man to the longevity, it’s interesting, "Rosemarie · guests; Licata told reporters.

Shanxi mountainous less Sichuan, fewer varieties of vegetables. Housewives are no conditions for conditioning non-staple food, the pasta production variety, like pasta like 100 to eat, in order to improve the family’s appetite. Read the introduction to the history and culture of Shanxi video, Licata told reporters: "I have been to Shanxi before Chinese, do not understand today that only Shanxi, did not think there are so many stories and culture, it makes me want to go to Shanxi to see."

however, "China", University of Southern California school dean Duke on the same day the U.S. – China Lei in the Consulate General of Shanxi held a delicacy culture show "not satisfied". "It’s too small, and I believe that almost all of the television programs in the United States are willing to broadcast this kind of performance, and the American people must love it," Duke told reporters.