for college graduates, employment and entrepreneurship is always a difficult choice. In order to ease the employment pressure, many cities have introduced a subsidy policy for college graduates entrepreneurship, Chongqing is no exception, then what are the policies to help?

6 2, deputy director of the Chongqing municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau Chen speed in the new normal under the Chongqing economy as the new "interviews revealed that in a series of commercial reform bonus incentives, the new 400 thousand types of market players. At the same time, college graduates do micro enterprises can get up to 237 thousand and 200 yuan of funds to support.

"Chongqing since January 28, 2014 the implementation of the reform of commercial systems, allowing entrepreneurs to embark on the road of entrepreneurship in the lower threshold, simpler procedures." Yesterday, Chen speed, at the end of May this year, the city’s newly established market players nearly 400 thousand households, an average increase of 24 thousand and 900 per month, more than 2013 years average growth of 13%.


for college graduates entrepreneurship problems often lack of funds. Chen speed said that Chongqing college graduates are included in one of the key support for micro enterprises four categories, you can enjoy multiple preferential policies. He is also a core area in the city and the development of e-commerce business to do business in the region as an example, to help him sort out the preferential policies can enjoy.



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