in the first venture, which is just past 2015, Chinese began to carry out innovative management activities from top to bottom, around the corresponding call, according to local conditions, to carry out various business development plan. Qingdao city plans to implement sails after a year of experience, achieved good results.

sails plan is the Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau for the first time in the city and do practical things of the project, the implementation of the first year the targets are exceeded, the total number of enterprises reached 1573 in the sails.

"supporting policy system. 8 supporting the implementation of rules introduced, invested 1 million yuan of special funds from the incubator rent subsidies, R & D investment incentives, high definition, loans, insurance, finance, science and technology and international cooperation, business incubator and investment of patent right pledge of support, patent pledge loan guarantee insurance mode and business incubator and investment is the first domestic fund.

the first year of a smooth start, given the Qingdao government and the public more confidence. A plan will continue to carry out, cultivate more innovative spirit of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to achieve common prosperity, improve the social and economic goals.

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