from the very beginning of the rich are not rich, so they are on the road in the accumulation of the concept is very important, they are what kind of mentality to maintain the business? The definition of wealth is the number of days you can survive and maintain your standard of living if you don’t do manual labor (or all of your family does not do manual work).

if asked Buffett and Gates from now on to stop work, can live a long time? The answer is "life", so they are very rich.

We found that

this is not a national or social problem, this is a personal question: because too many people were ill! We called him "poor disease". "Poverty" is a kind of disease, more terrible than the "SARS", but also more stubborn. It is not only contagious, but also genetic. The body is sick, but also to find a doctor, but the birth of the "poverty", the doctor has no medicine. It’s a mental cancer".

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