new year has just begun, all over the country have started the work in 2016. Now many women’s entrepreneurship training activities are being held to guide the majority of female compatriots in the new year how to choose the direction of development.

the training for a period of one month, in order to hold the training course better, the state women’s Federation, state vocational education society early according to the majority of women themselves needs to do a full investigation, reasonable design, meticulous organization, to ensure that the training of everything in good order and well arranged. The training includes the life and work of knowledge, and "theory", "massage massage anatomy" and other practical curriculum implementation, help the masses of women to broaden their horizons, update the concept of health care massage master basic theoretical knowledge and service skills, establish a good occupation moral and behavioral norms, and actively participate in public entrepreneurship peoples innovation boom.

The end of

conform to the development needs of the times, women’s employment and entrepreneurship activities will achieve new breakthroughs in the near future. Improve the quality and skills of women entrepreneurs, to prepare for the arrival of that day.

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