in the run  , brothers inside, Li Chen is the strength of the hand, we all like him very much, and his love affair with Fan Bingbing is more concern. Recently, Li Chenshai muscle photos, perfect figure, users have praised, "big black" was a well deserved reputation.

Li Chenshai muscle as a topless man, flavor. In the afternoon of March 8th, Guo Mingyu micro-blog and Li Chen drying out, Zhanghe naked muscle, and with the text "wrote the old Cao children". In the picture, 3 people topless, revealing strong muscles, perfect to show good figure, manly.

see micro-blog, users have to point praise and commented: "it is a great black dress and thin strip meat", "the first time to see the morning dew, meat!", "I love the morning of the waistline," I really want to know is how to practice my morning brother, why the waist is still fine? Fitness rarely practice a muscle or waistline! "

It is reported that after the performance of



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