laid off is not a terrible thing, to find a new direction in life, the same can be successful. An ordinary laid-off workers set up Human Resources Inc in solving their jobs but also build job search platform for other laid-off workers, she is "Shandong sister-in-law" brand creator He Xia.

1995, He Xia graduated from the English Department of Tianjin Foreign Studies University, the employment situation is not optimistic, she finally rely on our own efforts in Ji’nan, a manufacturing hardware tool collective enterprises took jobs, mainly engaged in foreign trade export business. But in less than two years the factory began to decline. In order to make a living, she had to resign to other small companies.

1998 in October, the hardware business of a company in Ji’nan contract, she was rehired back served as director of the office. She is doing hard, the past three years, the business is still no improvement, she formally laid off.

"itself is a pauper, poineering failure, big deal or pauper! Also scruples about what?" He Xia decided to go.