three hundred and sixty lines, each industry is not simple, if done well can earn a lot of money. Take the fruit shop to open it, in fact, many people may also see the fruit shop business, selling fruit can also build up the family fortunes. A high degree of entrepreneurship to do business outside the road, from the arrears of millions to today’s store opened 9, he is how to do? Let’s take a look.


"25 years old, I was a failure of the entrepreneur, the debt owed 3 million." 1996, Chen Aineng graduated from the Nanjing University of Science and Technology automation control, has not found a suitable job. So, he had to raise funds to open a medical device company, but the operation is not ideal. After suffering hardships, and a step by step efforts, Chen love can slowly out of the woods out. He is how to find a really suitable for their own way in thinking, finally simply into don’t seem completely "highly educated" fruit industry. "My idea is very simple, it is to let people eat fresh fruit is two cheaper, I do not want to dry away what" high greedy business ", or from the real start." Unexpectedly, this attempt succeeded, starting from a small shop, "pastoral fruit" to the development of the nine branches of today. Chen Aineng said: This is also a small thing to get a big success!"

"I understand most of college students can not find work difficulties, trying to help them, teach them something." Open fruit shop to make money? Located in the Qinhuai area college students entrepreneurship Park of this enterprise, the current staff of more than and 80, of which more than 40% are unable to find a job after graduating college students, the rest of the laid-off workers. The management of the company is determined to start from the grassroots College graduates. Because of this, the company has become the Qinhuai area college students internship base, Qinhuai District laid-off workers re employment base".

manager self-worth when the clerk

"university graduation is to sell fruit do not feel a big fish in a small pond?" In the pastoral ministry Street fruit shop, the reporter met is cashier Wang Wei. She just graduated from Sanjiang University in June this year, international tourism professional, is currently a store clerk. "It is not easy to find a job, the work of professional counterparts is not stable, the weak season is obvious, so I would like to find a stable job."

in fact, November just posts, Wang Wei is a manager, can work for a few days she was offered from the clerk work. "I just started to think he was a college student, when a manager is not difficult, the results did not take long to find that they have no experience in management, for some fruit is the lack of professional knowledge, not from the clerk to start." Wang Wei said, I came to the store, parents have little advice, that spent so much capital training a student, is going to sell fruit, also face a big fish in a small pond. Open fruit shop to make money? Because of this, Wang Wei could not and they jabber. Most parents