VC today are mostly to online games and mobile games into the Internet business projects, but in fact, there are essential differences between the two, H is a veteran of nearly ten years in the game circle circle, has created a number of game companies in the Internet circle hard business, this time he we share the game anonymously to corporate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship three different Internet circle.

H, if in the circle of Internet business, plagiarism need to always be wary of rivals such as, one of the typical plagiarism plagiarism beauty, word-of-mouth network of public comment, be too numerous to enumerate similar cases. In the Internet circle of entrepreneurship, product, market and operational ideas once copied by competitors, it is likely to catch up with his opponent’s chance. When the video industry has just started, the 56 Network has maintained a leading position for quite some time, but Youku copied by way of copying completely, eventually became the leader in the industry.

third different game circle of good money to get

H said, his time in the game circle, every day is the envy of most of those who do the Internet, O2O, mobile Internet, these professional > P2P