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eggs under the Internet – Chinese webmaster interview program is jointly launched by Yang Aixiang and Yang Xingyi, a Chinese Internet webmaster interviews. I hope that through the annual interviews with 30-50 Chinese Internet first line of the webmaster, found excellent Internet companies, mining new strength. Interview program will be in-depth interviews through the field, the integration of the plane, the network, the three media publishing the depth of communication.

Chinese stationmaster interview plan co-founder Mr. Yang Aixiang is now the business media new media division deputy chief editor, as well as zhipai network marketing institute co founder, he is an outstanding expert in Internet marketing and Internet business, network marketing business counseling nearly 100 enterprises. At the same time, he is also a good business finance writer, has published the "Ma Yun creation" "giant return" and so on more than 10 books have become the best-selling book of the year.

Mr. Yang Xingyi, the co sponsor of the

China webmaster interview program, is now the deputy general manager of the new media division of business media. He also served as Secretary General of the Chongqing website alliance. Long active in the Chinese Internet line. Online games, the site’s business model, e-commerce has unique insights and thinking, is a number of well-known business consultants.

          this is the first time I looked carefully, this is "Newsboy", "the reporter", "the history of the poor CEO" and other media brand owners was born in 1979.

When the

at the end of 2003, I called the "family business" in a magazine to see when the reports about Chen Yaojian’s picture, 46 long hair made his face look even better than the more he is not thin thin, with glasses, prim sitting in front of the computer, it is clear to the somewhat posing doing. Of course, the sharp eyes, always let people think, such as young frivolous words like wild and intractable.

later, because in the same city, the Internet is also mixed in this small circle, we have met many times, the same table to eat, listen to the report and other opportunities.


is nodded, say hello, A hedge between keeps friendship green. I’ve heard a lot of stories behind him: "he’s developed", "money is burnt out," and so on.

the first time I started the interview program, I was the first to think of him. All sorts of pieces of information gathered in my place, so that I was impressed by the impression of Chen Yaojian.

was born in Sichuan, Dazhu children in the field of the Internet, in this strange city of Chongqing live on what has survived, but also to have a taste of life, which has become a problem I want to pursue.

lunch time, I call him, want to chat with him, it is also an interview.