iResearch iUserTracker: local website traffic double bumper harvest young and Southern China area visitors keen high

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Internet, the choice of media for online advertising is becoming more and more complex. With the increase of advertisers’ demand for precision marketing, local websites are increasingly favored by the geographical orientation. According to iResearch iResearch launched a continuous user behavior research system iUserTracker data show that in recent years, the number of local sites in the number of users and advertising revenue both showed a steady rise in iResearch. Compared with the overall Internet users, young and Southern China Internet users are keen on this type of site. In terms of advertising value, local websites have become the main media sources of telecom operators.

since 2011, with the constant expansion of the scale of local web users, its advertising revenue also showed a rapid growth momentum. July, the number of monthly coverage of local sites and advertising revenue over the same period last year ushered in 34.9% and a substantial increase of 53.1%.


local website, the government led the establishment of various types of information and the newspaper network platform has become the backbone of the news, BBS has become a lot of websites sticky channel. User attribute data show that, compared with the overall Internet users, 25-35 year olds have a strong tendency to visit such sites, accounting for nearly 4.

area, in general, Southern China users prefer to visit local sites, TGI more than 115. At the same time, different local sites also formed their own distinctive characteristics: "Luoyang harbor" and "Henan province government portal" river network won the central China customers, visitors to the "Tianjin North portal" Enorth contribution of Internet users in East China prefers to Zhejiang online news the station and the Yangzi Evening News website, with the Southern Newspaper, the Guangzhou daily group resources Tencent Guangdong Net and Dayang has attracted more attention of Internet users in Southern China area.


from the local website advertisers composition, network services, financial services and communication services advertisers have paid attention to the local site advertising value, where the site put the proportion of higher than other types of advertisers in the local website advertising. Among them, the communication service class advertisers in the local site of the most active, in July the local advertising revenue from the site to get a total of about 6 percentage points higher than the total advertising media. As the largest advertisers in the communications services category, the three major telecom operators on the local site also favored a plus.

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the week of July 16-22 Telecom manufacturers website shows, local websites have become the main way to enter the website user passive Telecom vendors, and telecom vendors at the local site when the week into the network advertising costs are among the top three in all types of media. >