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The first day of 2016

, was in Wuzhen for dinner "half of the country" in the Internet Ding Lei reconvene, once again came to the Wuzhen West Gate Scenic Spot 51~52, Jin Yi Home Inn, a new year Party, summing up 2015, outlook 2016. Only this time they invited Ali Ma Yun, Jingdong’s Liu Qiangdong, barely scrape together the whole wall".

on a grand occasion, a warm atmosphere, bigwigs pointing Jiangshan, smug. There was a poem:


network for another year, spray big brother. Rise and fall. Position is still in, a few products red. Black overtime, used to look at the moon star high. A pot of rice wine Wuzhen meet. This year the number of things, pay in the joke.

a, (summary)

As usual, Ding Lei

brought their support of the NetEase, pork or chicken, crab, Shaoxing Yellow Wine, also increased the number of NetEase brand fruit with central taste, is said to come from NetEase koala sea shopping platform on the Kweichow Moutai. Everyone is also a surprise: NetEase future is to contract our dinner table?

Ding Lei smile: "where a hobby. If you review this year, what we think is most worth saying? "He said, he personally gave the bigwigs pour some wine.

everyone turned to sit in front of the Ma, it seems that he said, "the world’s first phalanx of China, only Ali and Tencent". Ma once said: "this year, Ali do one thing: buy buy buy, investment or acquisition of territory to Suning, Youku potatoes, hungry, Meizu, the South China Morning Post, light media, first financial, Beijing News, community newspaper, unbounded cover media, plus two years ago, Sina, micro-blog Business Review, China culture media, China media, media and other media empire in twenty-first Century – Ali has begun to take shape. I said, by 2019, we will show you what kind of company Alibaba is."

Next to

Liu Qiangdong took the words: "you buy so much mouthpiece, this is to no one dare to fight with you? – this year we engage in a joint Jingdong Tencent" Jing Teng plan ", the main push" business platform ", through" social + "mode of cooperation, Suning + against Ali model. Right, pony? "

Ma Huateng is obviously not so excited: "this is not important to me, I mainly in order to collect advertising fees… (if a black face) Tencent this year mainly do two things: connector and content industry. This year WeChat fully connected social, shopping, reading, sports, travel, entertainment and other scenes, our third quarter advertising revenue growth mainly by WeChat."

saw the opening atmosphere a bit awkward, Robin Li came out: "since everyone is so awesome, I would say their worries, let you feel the self.