earthquake caused a nationwide donations climax, some people have an ulterior motive, actually playing the money idea. 25, Hunan Province, the Red Cross said, some hackers actually secretly sneaked into the Red Cross website, the charity changed to the bank account account fraud, now 6 people involved have been arrested.

staff of the Red Cross in Hunan Province, 7 days ago, they found that the Red Cross website was hacked, the original site of the donation account should be changed from the bank to the Agricultural Bank of China Construction Bank, the account name is from the Hunan Red Cross to a personal account.

Hunan provincial Red Cross executive vice president Ceng Fanguo introduced, after the report, the public security organs timely detection, the 6 suspects criminal gangs arrested now, the Red Cross and without any loss of capital account.

is now the official website of the Hunan Red Cross has been updated, and take measures to prevent hackers, and have a regular inspection. Staff to remind the public, the Red Cross and the formal fund-raising unit donation account name is definitely not a personal name, as long as this, the public can not be deceived.

in addition, the Hunan provincial Red Cross also promised that every citizen and unit donations will be publicized in the Red Cross website, and explain every sum of money remains on the site. In addition, this time for the earthquake raise donations, the provincial Red Cross will not extract a penny of management fees.