is Baidu search market in the Chinese pressing moves again, and this time, Google chose Baidu music search field strengths.

yesterday, Google Chinese for China users officially launched free original music search, it is worth noting that Google’s partners Jujing music network (hereinafter referred to as "whale") is one of the founders of the basketball star Yao Ming. In addition, China is the only country in the world to launch this service on Google.

Yao Ming sent a video to congratulate

and Baidu, Google’s music search Chinese chose all genuine source for music has more than 1 million 100 thousand licensed service.

yesterday, the Google business at the time of publication, the whale co-founder Yao Ming sent a video of congratulations. "In 2005, I participated in the whale’s founder, hoping to provide a new platform for original music for the love of music, Internet users through the internet." Yao Ming said, in Google, whale and numerous record company cooperation, Google music search product that his intention has reached a new starting point.

company was founded by Chen Ge in 2005, start-up capital is the sports star Yao Ming and his agent, Zhang Mingji invested $3 million. Google investment Jujing received the second round of investment.

at present, the whale has been with the world’s four largest record company, Warner, universal, EMI, SONY and more than and 140 Independent record company, the four major international music publishers and Chinese Music Copyright Association to establish a cooperative relationship.

from the model point of view, the cooperation content, Google provides search technology from the whale, whale music company and direct share of the advertising revenue model. So far, Google will not intervene into advertising, music copyright will share advertising revenue with the whales.



previously, out of the search for music legal and copyright considerations, Google has not launched a music search. In China, Baidu and other search engines through music search to get a huge traffic.

CNNIC report shows that the application of more than 200 million search engine users mainly in leisure and entertainment as the main purpose of entertainment for the purpose of the search, the highest rate of music search, up to 32.6%. Baidu search engine market share in China more than 70%.

in fact, Google music search business Baidu models and there is no fundamental difference, is the use of advertising revenue, Google in a similar profit model take the case with Baidu, choose competitive differentiation with Baidu in the service mode and the processing mode of copyright.

from the source of music, Google music and Baidu is the only source of the whale, all resources are online music search. Because Baidu actively with the copyright problem of game, to become the biggest beneficiary of its music search, MP3 search does not distinguish between the genuine and the search coverage of the entire audio file on the Internet, but also get a huge traffic. So Baidu