recently Shenyang public Ms. Wang’s husband, Mr. Xu died in a car accident, Mr. Xu retained two large met love photos in QQ and mailbox, and Ms. Wang to commemorate her husband to get her husband QQ password by Tencent Inc, and finally got the answer is Tencent QQ users have the right to use, does not belong to the category of inheritance, cause the train of thought, the law of inheritance, and those scattered in the internet account, email, micro-blog and other Internet things, whether as assets inherited? Whether the domain name can also inherit /p>? "

network property inheritance problem?

at home to inherit the first condition is this item must be the property, however, at present, to distinguish the virtual items such as game account, e-mail, such as micro-blog, whether the property is more difficult to judge, how can mention heritage? Even


marriage law domain asset

domain name has value of assets nature more and more generally recognized, is expressly provided in the law, according to the "Supreme People’s Court on the application of < > in People’s Republic of China; marriage law; interpretation of several issues (two)" the provisions of the party as a personal property investment gains also belong to the common property of the couple, before registration the marriage of the domain name may not belong to the common property of the couple, but because of the domain name in the marriage of the gains, such as income or business domain name domain name (website) income should also belong to the common property of the couple. Can be seen, the value of the assets of the domain name is subject to legal protection.

domestic domain name property case

now has the most legal protection of network property, domain name, more and more enterprises to pay attention and recognition, Shanghai luckypai Culture Communication Co., Ltd. has become Shanghai’s first domain name rights enterprise website domain name evaluation at a price of about 10000000 yuan, reflecting the domain assets value, in addition, in some cases also can be seen as high transaction domain the value of assets, such as Sina micro-blog square pass 5 million price to Cai Wensheng bought short domain name, Sina million yuan price from Xiamen scholar hand bought the domain name Mars, ylmf in December last year to 1 million 800 thousand of the total amount China Commission renamed the successful acquisition of the digital domain name

domain name has the value of assets attracted a group of investors, the current domestic domain assets worth billions of stationmaster king called Cai Wensheng, had to sell,,,,,, and other quality domain (enabled), among which has about one hundred thousand Internet domain name, the total valuation more than $100 million. The other is a 80 after the domain name investors held ylmf, including,,,,,, etc. "