dangdang.com now does not spend money!

16 news Shanghai Xinhua media and dangdang.com shareholders Doll Capital, IDG Ventures and Walden International to negotiate the acquisition of dangdang.com, dangdang.com President Li Guoqing denied, "never heard of this company, Dangdang’s goal is to separate listing." Li Guoqing said that the last 30 million U.S. dollars of financing has not yet spent, if Dangdang before the listing is also a financial capital, the amount should be between $80 million to $100 million. He believes that the acquisition rumors do not rule out the Xinhua media hype their stocks. Li Guoqing revealed that there are now the highest valuation of the fund Dangdang has reached $800 million, if you can give the valuation of $1 billion, only to consider accepting new funds come in".

mapping Beijing News / Ding Huayong