has been the development of music website are subject to copyright restrictions, many personal music site in the development of full of worries, thus caught in a very awkward position. But this situation has happened quietly changed recently, Chinese first dedicated network song professional record company – Wo music the official in Guangdong Shenzhen listing, the company has opened on the same day, CEO- " " China first network music promoter; said Chen Yuanhe in an interview with reporters throw bombshell: " we satisfied the company will fully understand and support the development of our personal music website, owned by more than and 100 artists and more than 1 thousand songs works the broadcast rights free licenses." to personal music station; this is Chinese, first in public statements to support personal music website and the playback right open free of charge to individuals authorized The music website’s record company, which undoubtedly is confused on music website into a shot in the arm.

      in recent years, the online music market unusually hot, popular songs and network TV show hit, have greatly stimulated the civilian singer, a group of civilians have also set foot on the road to fame. At the same time, a large number of star companies have emerged, and satisfied the music company is such a a star company. The company is from Hongkong Ming Yuan investment holding group, by " " Chinese first network music promoter; Chen Yuanhe and Hongkong singer actor Alex Man’s close friend niesheng led the establishment of the Guangdong and the Chinese, is a network of music as the flagship music label. It comes to personal music website, Chen Yuanhe has given great praise, and said, in fact, Chinese network music popular real strength, is our personal music website credit, so we cannot pass the record company to understand and support the river bridges. Personal music website.

      the message appears, should be for personal music website is a good start, we believe in more and more similar and satisfied such music records, personal music website will find the way out of the.