Following the June 2005 CNET group for

website’s home computer ( acquisition of domain, CNET recently again buying the domain name, its website Zhongguancun online ( global paving.

it is understood that the domain name was registered in February 1996, overseas trading has repeatedly changed hands, the last is the first half of this year in a foreign well-known domain name trading site for nearly $200 thousand price. Because users often access in Zhongguancun online. error input into, the domain name daily nature visits are over 20 thousand people, resulting in domain parking (domain name, domain name with a simple explanation for the natural flow to earn advertising revenue business. On the high income, making its value far beyond the other 3 letter.Com domain name.

domain name is now officially changed to the name of the Zhongguancun online and enabled, Whois information is as follows:

The specific price

CNET bought domain name, has not yet been officially confirmed. Domain value analysis, the transaction price of at least 2 million yuan or so, the transfer to Zhongguancun online time should be within a week. A good domain name can only fully reflect the value of its application, Zhongguancun online acquisition of high priced domain name is very worthwhile……"