some people say that the Internet model has 2.5 successful industry, one is the electricity supplier, one is the game, there are half of the financial.


is facing a variety of uncertain regulatory pressures, but the prospects for Internet banking is certainly bright. Whether it’s an investment or loan business, can you imagine how much money will flow into the platform every day, or thousands of people a day by your mobile phone APP a little bit, that is, the completion of the online loan.


there is no doubt, relying on Internet technology, Internet Financial imagination unlimited.

but all of this is based on the user. In the flow of expensive today, the Internet banking industry was generally higher than the cost of thousands of passengers. Low cost off, is undoubtedly one of the core competitiveness of Internet banking company.

for many companies, it is considered the core competitiveness of assets, this is true. So some in the financial aspects of the mutual strength of the gold company in terms of customers, basically rely on channel cooperation, which only grasp the core of the assets of the profit chain, the customer, the introduction of funds to the third party.

but the majority of Internet financial companies, was off the ability is critical to its survival, especially the implementation of low cost large-scale use of the Internet for passenger capacity, it is with those who have the background in the financial aspects of the company, including some well funded peers competing with core competence.

so we talk about how the Internet financial companies to carry out digital marketing.

1, access to Internet banking company means

I summed up as five major means: advertising, promotion, PR, distribution, direct marketing.

which direct sale of financial services as a result of the ban on the ground, so only direct sales of electricity sales. Relatively large Internet financial companies will pay attention to the phone sales, not only reflected in the customer, but more important is the sale of electricity in the maintenance of the old customer relationship is of great significance.

distribution is an important means of small and medium Internet financial companies, that is, according to the proportion of sales to give the channel part of the commission. The small and medium-sized companies use this mode of cooperation, mainly is the lack of a complete digital marketing system, no professional personnel, can not effectively carry out joint advertising, promotion, marketing and other marketing methods, PR. But it is clear that this form of cooperation will lead to large quantities of a single brush, such as a company and a channel by CPS cooperation, the assumption of a month to 3 million transactions, giving the channel 90 thousand Commission, the funds become 3%. But a month later, the user may almost all lost, then the high cost of capital. But if it is normal advertising, 90 thousand months may bring only 500 thousand of the transaction amount, but after the user has stayed for the next three months, the final transaction amount may exceed $3 million, the cost of capital will be very low.

understand the truth, but for small Internet Finance >